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Tracking generally refers to the process of monitoring or following the movement or progress of something or someone. It involves keeping a record of the whereabouts, activities, or status of an object, person, or process over a period of time.

Package Tracking: When you order a package or shipment, tracking allows you to monitor its progress and location as it moves from the sender to the recipient. This is often done through tracking numbers or barcodes provided by the shipping company.
Vehicle Tracking: This involves using GPS (Global Positioning System) technology to monitor the location and movement of vehicles. It is commonly used in fleet management, logistics, and transportation industries to optimize routes, improve efficiency, and enhance security.

Online Tracking: Online tracking refers to the collection and monitoring of a user’s online activities and behavior, usually for the purpose of delivering personalized advertisements, improving user experience, or gathering analytics data. It involves the use of cookies, tracking pixels, or other tracking technologies employed by websites and online services.

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